Prioritizing mental health in workplace is crucial for sustainability: Expert

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Prioritizing mental health in the workplace is crucial for fostering long-term sustainability and nurturing a positive organizational culture. When employees’ mental well-being is supported, they are more likely to thrive, remain engaged, and contribute their best efforts to the company.

A workplace that values mental health not only reduces the risk of burnout and turnover but also encourages open communication and empathy among colleagues.

To know more about it, we spoke with Murali Santhanam, CHRO, AscentHR. Below are the excerpts from the interview.

What is your perspective on the significance of Mental Health Day in the workplace and why it’s crucial for organisations to address mental well-being?

From a CHRO’s viewpoint, Mental Health Day is vital for workplaces. It underscores the organisation’s commitment to employee wellbeing, boosting engagement, retention, and recruitment. Addressing mental health helps ensure long-term sustainability and a positive workplace culture.

How do you ensure that managers and supervisors are trained to recognise signs of mental health challenges in their teams and respond appropriately?

We offer awareness initiatives and sensitise managers to develop empathy. We regularly host workshops aimed at assisting managers in addressing mental health-related situations and challenges, guiding them in seeking professional support when needed.

Employee confidentiality is crucial in mental health support. How do you ensure that employees feel safe and secure when seeking help or discussing their mental health concerns within the organisation?

We have anonymous channels, secure communication, and a non-discriminatory culture to ensure employee confidentiality in mental health support. We regularly educate employees and seek feedback to maintain trust and security when discussing mental health concerns within the organisation.

In your opinion, what are the key challenges organisations face in addressing mental health in the workplace, and how have you worked to overcome these challenges?

In addressing workplace mental health challenges, our first hurdle is recognising the symptoms of mental health issues, followed by overcoming them with the assistance of mental health professionals. We have cultivated an open culture and conducted awareness programs to tackle them.

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