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A leading ‘Future of Work’ products and solutions provider, we deliver a range of innovative offerings to meet the diverse needs of our clients. With a global presence spanning 34 countries, our products redefine Payroll, HRMS, and Compliance functions, bringing unparalleled value through cutting-edge technology, industry-specific knowledge, and continuous innovation. Our product lineup includes advanced solutions in Business Support, Automation, Consulting, Temp-Staffing, and Compliance.

At the core of our value proposition is a unique fusion of technological prowess and a deep understanding of our clients’ businesses, organisational structures, goals, and requirements. When you choose AscentHR products, you not only gain access to our state-of-the-art platform but also tap into our extensive domain expertise, empowering you to effectively tackle multifaceted and dynamic challenges.

Embark on your transformative journey – Welcome to AscentHR.

What makes us different


We champion adaptability as a core strength. We provide innovative tools, solutions, and resources to empower individuals and organisations to embrace change, foster resilience, and excel in an ever-evolving world.


We revolutionise accountability, transcending mere responsibility. We cultivate a mindset of ownership, empowerment, and continuous improvement, inspiring individuals and organisations to surpass expectations, achieve greatness, and leave a lasting impact.


We unwaveringly pursue precision and excellence in all endeavors. Through cutting-edge technology and steadfast commitment, we aim to deliver accuracy in data, insights, and solutions, empowering success and informed decision-making.

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