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At the core of an organisation’s success is the efficiency of its workforce. At AscentHR, a leading HR Tech products and services company, the focus remains on enabling organisations to harness the power of human capital. Originating in 2002 as a pioneer in Human Resources Outsourcing services, AscentHR has evolved into a mature and robust HR products and services provider. Embodying a steadfast commitment, AscentHR is dedicated to empowering organisations to nurture and optimise their human capital through innovative HR Tech products and services.

Journey of Strength and Diversity

AscentHR’s journey began as a managed services player, weaving its way into the intricate tapestry of human resources outsourcing. By leveraging technology for efficient service delivery, AscentHR seamlessly collaborated with other entities within the AscentHR group, capitalising on collective competencies to empower customers to excel across HR and compliance domains.

Today, AscentHR stands at the forefront of the HR Tech industry, processing over a million transactions monthly and boasting a robust presence across 74 countries in the Indo-Pacific region. What began as a managed services player has evolved into India’s preeminent Comprehensive HRO Products and Services provider.

This transformative journey, marked by resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering commitment, has propelled AscentHR from managed services to state-of-the-art reliable products. The amalgamation of Volume of Transaction (VOT), Gross Processing Value (GPV), and a diverse service portfolio attests to AscentHR’s ability to transcend its origins and deliver tangible outcomes.

AscentHR’s product offerings are meticulously crafted to provide customers with an experience surpassing expectations, solidifying its leadership in the HRO industry.

The company’s longevity and consistent recognition for end-to-end HR management excellence further distinguish it. Offering cutting-edge cloud-based Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, precise payroll services, and Corporate Compliance Management solutions, AscentHR stands as a comprehensive single-stop shop for businesses.

The robustness of AscentHR’s services isn’t merely a result of technological innovation but is deeply rooted in an understanding of organizations’ evolving needs. This understanding forms the bedrock of a service delivery model consistently exceeding expectations.

A Journey Marked by Milestones

AscentHR’s journey is a tapestry woven with significant milestones, each representing an impactful stride toward excellence. Originating as a managed services provider, AscentHR seamlessly transitioned into embracing technology, ultimately consolidating its position as a HRO products and services provider. The evolution mirrors the organisation’s commitment to staying ahead of the curve and adapting to the changing landscape of business needs.

AscentHR’s solution construct places a strong emphasis on technology and products. This ensures swift adoption by customers, providing a seamless and predictable delivery of value. In navigating the challenges of today and anticipating those of tomorrow, AscentHR’s application architecture excels in addressing crucial aspects such as service continuity, data privacy, seamless integrations, and the seamless rollout of new functionalities and releases. This forward-thinking approach solidifies AscentHR as a reliable partner-in-progress for their clients, showcasing their commitment to leveraging technology for the advancement of human resources solutions.

Business Enablers for the Future

AscentHR recognises that identified business enablers are crucial to fulfil promises to customers, whether enhancing functionality, releasing new features, or preparing for the needs of the future of work. The solution and delivery construct, meticulously designed, have not only supported the organisation’s objectives but consistently delivered tangible business value to customers.

The company’s strategic R&D investments further fuel this commitment to continuous improvement. Leveraging the strengths of automation and emerging technologies, AscentHR ensures that its offerings stand to gain from ongoing innovations. The dividends of these investments are evident in the sustained satisfaction of clients, as AscentHR consistently outpaces industry standards.

Nurturing a Responsible Workforce

Beyond its service offerings, AscentHR is committed to moulding a responsible workforce. The “Begin your Ascent” program designed for freshers is a structured initiative that prepares graduate hires for the transition from academia to the corporate world. This internship program goes beyond the traditional curriculum, providing essential elements that are often overlooked but critical for success in the campus-to-corporate journey.

AscentHR recognises that workforce development is about skills and cultivating a sense of responsibility and awareness. This commitment to workforce development aligns with the organisation’s broader vision of contributing to the growth and stability of businesses.

Trailblazing Fulfillments and Recognitions

The past years have witnessed AscentHR achieving remarkable milestones. The recognition by Forbes India as an unsung hero during challenging times speaks volumes about the organisation’s resilience and commitment to business continuity. In an environment where sensitivity to services and adherence to Service Level Agreements (SLAs) are paramount, AscentHR has been acknowledged as a thought leader in various domains, with subject matter expertise recognised by leading publications.

For a comprehensive overview of AscentHR’s journey, one need not look further than the media section of the organisation’s website. The coverage by various media outlets serves as a testament to the impact and influence that AscentHR wields in the industry.

Awards and Recognitions: Encouraging Excellence

Awards and recognitions are not just accolades; they are affirmations of excellence. AscentHR proudly boasts acknowledgment from focused community analysts and forums. A leading Third-Party Analyst (TPA) recognises AscentHR’s position in the “Innovation” Quadrant, while another TPA recognises AscentHR as a Star Performer.

These accolades not only serve as reflections of AscentHR’s commitment to innovation and excellence, but also serve as a testament to the company’s relentless pursuit of providing unparalleled services to its clients. AscentHR stands as a trusted partner, proving its mettle in times of crisis through unwavering commitment to service excellence. Its role as an HR and compliance management expert is accentuated in uncertain times. With an impressive retention rate exceeding 80%, AscentHR proudly displays logos of longstanding clients, a testament to trust and satisfaction. Focused on exceeding expectations, AscentHR adapts to the evolving business landscape, investing expertise in every engagement for a prioritised customer experience. Industry accolades reflect successful partnerships, reinforcing that AscentHR’s impact speaks louder than words in delivering beyond expectations.

CEO’s Message: A Commitment to Excellence

At the core of AscentHR’s success lies the vision articulated by CEO and Founder Mr. Subramanyam. He says,

“The value proposition flows from our ability to combine next-generation technology expertise with a deep understanding of our customers’ business needs, organisational structures, and goals.”

He avers, “When customers engage with AscentHR, they gain access not only to a platform, products, and services but also to years of domain expertise. This expertise arms AscentHR to solve multi-faceted, multi-variable challenges, reinforcing its position as a strategic partner in the success of its clients.”

Elevating Business Success

AscentHR is not just a HR Tech company, but also a reliable partner in elevating the client’s business success. The journey, highlighted by milestones, recognitions, and a commitment to continuous improvement, exemplifies a company that thrives on innovation and customer satisfaction.

AscentHR’s comprehensive suite of products and services, from HCM on cloud to Corporate Compliance Management, reflects a deep understanding of the diverse needs of the modern organisation.

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