Inputting Success Into Your Payroll


The enterprise was looking for a solution that would allow them to reduce time spent on hygiene activities like payroll input data collection, collation, and verification. By deploying StoHRM application, AscentHR implemented a fully digitized data source enabling faster processing and analysis of volume-based, multi-location, multivariate payroll input data.

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Our Client

Our client is a prominent e-commerce player originating from India. They have gained popularity for their diverse selection, convenient delivery, and customer-centric approach.


A leading Indian e-commerce player was struggling with the challenges of collating, reviewing, and processing their payroll data.

  • Difficulty in streamlining and executing payroll data input process seamlessly as the process spanned across disparate locations, functions, and verticals.

  • The existing payroll data input process had a potential risk of fraud, errors, and duplication of inputs.

  • The payroll process was also running the risk of delay as the inputs data couldn’t be secured consistently before the cut-off dates were frozen and closed.

  • These risk factors due to structural inefficiencies were leading to overall operational inefficiency.


AscentHR deployed StoHRM to streamline the payroll process and helped them to outmaneuver risk factors and eliminate structural inefficiencies. AscentHR customized a highly secure, workflow-driven online input collection module that provided specific roles and accesses to identified stakeholders. Inbuilt features and functionalities of the payroll engine include:

  • A time enabled module ensured post the specified time period an auto cut off would activate and lock entry of data.

  • The online input module ensured there were no repetitive employee information provided. This also eliminated incorrect employee data.

  • An extension to activate a specific module was provided to the payroll team thus providing flexibility to activate a specific module for additional information.

The AscentHR team customized a host of templates to reduce the TAT by 50% for critical HR functions. The maker-checker protocol ensured that a single point of contact controlled and standardized all template-specific requirements.


The outcomes from the engagement were:

  • Streamlined payroll process: Data-capturing was upgraded from the old Excel-based format to automated data uploads that eliminated manual intervention.

  • Highly-secured workflow: HR was empowered with an additional layer of approval and checks enabling them to review inputs before payroll processing. This eliminated the risk of fraud, errors, and duplication of inputs.

  • Timely payroll inputs: As the new payroll process had a built-in timeliness and enabled high-quality data collection, the risk of payroll delays was eliminated. Latent delays due to the introduction of fixed cut-off dates were remedied by batch processing.

  • Enhanced operational efficiency: Built-in quality checks led to reduced man hours and enhanced operational efficiency.


AscentHR’s solution helped the e-commerce pioneer streamline their payroll processes, cut costs, boost productivity, implement checks and balances, and translate reams of raw data into lucid, highly interpretive, verified data.

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