Suspension of certain provisions of the Assam Shops & Establishments Act during the festival

The Government of Assam, vide notification no. E.264949/244, dated 12th January, 2024, has suspended the operation of certain provisions of the Assam Shops and Establishments Act, 1971, throughout the state of Assam during certain festivals. The name of the festival, along with the period of suspension, is specified in the notification. The provisions which are suspended are as follows:

• Section 6 (daily and weekly hours)

• Section 9 (maximum spread over per day)

• Section 10 (opening and closing hours)

• Section 11 (Closing of shops and grants of weekly holidays for religious purposes) 

The said suspension is subject to the condition that the employees shall be compensated for overtime work and work on weekly off days by the concerned employers.

Please refer to the below notification for more details:

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