Punjab Mandate to Exhibit Name Board in Gurmukhi Script in Punjabi

The Government of Punjab, vide notification No.G.S.R.31/P.A.15/1958/S.34/Amd.(6)/2023, dated, 24th March, 2023, has amended the Punjab Shops and Commercial Establishments Rules, 1958, by adding Rule-23. The newly added Rule023 mandates every establishment to exhibit their name boards in Gurmukhi script in Punjabi. Wherever other languages are also used, the version in such other languages shall be below the Punjabi version. The name Board in the Punjabi version shall be written more predominantly by providing more space than for other languages, if any. The establishments that are not compliant with the above conditions as of now are given a time period of six months from the date of publication of this notification to comply with the same.

Please refer to the below government notification for more details:

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