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Karnataka Election holiday for factories

The Labour Commissioner, the Government of Karnataka, and the Director of Factories, Boilers, Industrial Safety and Health have issued an order, dated 25th March 2024, and a circular, dated 6th April 2024, respectively, with regard to granting a paid holiday on account of the General Election to Loksabha-2024 and the Bye-Election to 36-Shorapur assembly constituency.

The circular dated 6th April 2024, issued by the Director of Factories, further clarifies that paid holidays should be given to employees working in all shifts and also all employees, all categories of workers and officers.

With regard to paid holiday for the employees who are working in an establishment but are registered as voters in the other constituencies where the polling is held on a different date, employees should also be given a paid holiday for the day of polling in their constituency.

Employees engaged in emergency services, and whose absence may cause danger or substantial loss, in respect of employment in which he/she is engaged, such employees shall be given sufficient time to exercise their franchise by making alternative arrangements.

Please refer to the below notification for more details:

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