ESIC, Seeding and Authentication of Aadhaar

This is in further to our earlier communication dated 8th May 2023 and 9th June 2023 regarding Seeding and authentication of Aadhaar for ESIC.

Now, The Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, New Delhi, has issued circular No. F.No.I-21013/1/2022-ICT, dated 8th January 2024, regarding provisions for seeding and authentication of Aadhaar of Insured persons and their family members.

As per the circular, an option has been given to the IP (Insured Person) to seed Aadhaar of self and his/her family by logging into the IP portal. Employers also have been given the option to seed the Aadhaar of IP and their family on their behalf.

A facility has been provided in the “AAA” mobile app, wherein IP can seed the Aadhaar number of self and their family members either through OTP or face authentication. In addition to this, the Insured Person and their family can visit designated Kiosks set up in ESIC hospitals for seeding Aadhaar.

Please refer to the below press note for more details:

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