ESIC requests the employer/employees to seed Aadhaar number

Earlier, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, Regional office, Goa, vide circular no. 32/P/11/11/85/Cov/24, dated 5th May, 2023, had requested all the employers registered under Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, Regional Office, Goa, to register their new employees by seeding of Aadhaar number. Ascent had circulated an alert on the same on 8th May, 2023, and recommended all the employees across India covered under ESIC to follow this.

Now, the Employees’ State Insurance Corporation, New Delhi, vide circular No. P-11014/3/2022-Bft-II (Part-I), dated 25th May, 2023, requested all the regional officers to galvanize all the employers, employees, and beneficiaries throughout India to achieve the target of Aadhaar seeding within the stipulated time frame, with respect to all the employees and beneficiaries, so that the eligible beneficiaries/IPs can avail all the benefits under ESI scheme without any inconvenience.

ESIC has confirmed that online provision for seeding and authentication of Aadhaar has been developed and deployed, wherein existing employees can seed Aadhaar numbers for self and for their family members voluntarily, after the verification of OTP received on mobile phone from UIDAI.

The benefit of the above would be: 

  1. Avoid duplication of data for a particular member.
  2. If any employee is already a member seeded with Aadhaar, then the same can be tracked to avoid duplication of IP number. This would ensure quicker service period.
  3. This also facilitates the member to generate Ayushman Bharath Health Account through National Health Authority. 
  4. With the above there can be interoperate ability of health record for the member and would stand beneficial to the member.

Along with the circular ESIC has also enclosed a user manual containing the detailed procedure/ work flow for the handy assistance of the user/employees/employers.

Please refer to the attached copy of the circular and user manual for more details:

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