EPFO introduces Standard Operating Procedure for processing joint declaration towards member profile updation/correction

The significance of Employee profile data related to UAN is increasing for the employer and the employee. This also has an impact on the monthly remittance by the employer and transactions/information to be navigated by the employee.

In view of the above, correction/addition of missing information on the PF portal are being submitted by the employers and employees in the form of joint declaration. The EPFO, vide circular no. WSU/2022/Rationalisation of work areas/Joint Declaration (E-54018)/3638, dated 23rd August, 2023, has introduced standard operation procedure for making additions/corrections to the member profile.

A copy of the standard operation process is attached for your reference. The salient features are:

  1. 11 types of member profile correction
  2. Online joint declaration form procedure
  3. Documents to be enclosed
  4. Classification of minor and major correction
  5. Application for correction should be from the current employer
  6. Approval mechanism at the department

While a gist of the notification is provided above, you are requested to go through the notification and revert to the designated account manager in case of any query.

Kindly note that the joint declaration form is yet to be available online on the PF portal. We will keep you posted once this is implemented by the PF office.

Once the above form is hosted on the PF portal, you can reach out to the respective account manager for clarifications, if any.  On a need basis, we can also have calls organised to discuss on this matter relating to the specifics of your organisation.

Please refer to the below government notification for more details:

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