EPFO clarification regarding settlement of physical claims without Aadhaar seeding in death cases

The Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation vide circular no. SU/2020/ClaimsettlementwithoutUAN-clarification(E25432)/1208, dated 17th May 2024, has clarified that in death cases, if the details of the member are correct in UAN but inaccurate/incomplete in the aadhaar database,  processing of physical claims without seeding Aadhaar may be allowed as a temporary measure, only with the due approval of the officer-in-charge.

It is important to note that this would apply only in those cases wherein member data is correct as per UAN, but there is a mismatch in the aadhaar database (UIDAI).

If the data is correct in the aadhaar database (UIDAI) and there is a mismatch in the member data of UAN, corrections will have to be carried to the UAN profile, and subsequent processing has to be completed.

This temporary measure will ensure faster processing of demise claims on account of aadhaar data mismatch.   

Please refer to the below notification for more details:

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