Election holiday for Factories

The General Elections of Gram Panchayat Sambhalkha, Block Ladwa, District Kurukshetra will be held on 15th June, 2023. The Government of Haryana, vide notification No. F.W./Election-2023/466, dated 31st May, 2023, has declared holiday on the said polling date for all the workers who are working in Factories in the state of Haryana, and are enrolled as  voters for the said election. The notification has also exempted all the factories in Haryana from operations of provisions of Sub-section (1) of Section 52 of the Factories Act, 1948 (which speaks about weekly holiday) for a week, commencing from 18th June, 2023, and ending on 24th June, 2023, subject to the condition that no worker who is eligible to vote for the said election shall be required or allowed to work on 15th June, 2023. 

Please refer to the below government notification for more details:

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