If you have a HR or salary related question, please reach out to your company’s HR team for further clarifications. As the payroll operations are processed based on the inputs provided by your HR, they will be in a better position to address your concerns more effectively.

Here’s a selected list of resources that might help you get the information you need.

Login Related Queries

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Just click on Forgot Password on your login page and reset your password.

The user ID gets blocked only when the user enters an incorrect password thrice. In such cases, you will have to send a request to your company’s operations team to unblock your ID. Your company’s operations team will then validate the user and reset the password.

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Download Related Queries

You can download your payslips from the StoHRM portal under the Payroll and Tax section. Look for the Payslip section and select the year and month to download.

You can download your Form-16 from the StoHRM portal under the Payroll and Tax section. In the Form-16 section, select the year to download.

Form-16 document is a password protected document. The default password is the combination of your PAN in lowercase and your Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format.

For example: If your PAN is ABCPS1234E and date of birth is 01/01/1980, then your password will be abcps1234e01011980.

If you don’t hold a PAN, then the default password is your Date of Birth in DDMMYYYY format to open the Form 16.

Login to StoHRM portal and click on the Download section to access a repository of forms related PF, tax, investment declaration, and other miscellaneous forms and information.

Payroll Related Queries

The time frame for receiving these official and important documents depends on the company after an employee has been separated from the company. Please reach out to your HR personnel for support.

Please refer to the process flow for filing of online transfer claims available on the EPFO’s official website.

PF amount can be withdrawn either fully or partially based on certain circumstances. The withdrawal can be made either online or through physical application process.

For detailed instructions on how to withdraw PF amount under various circumstances, refer to the official website of EPFO.

Your company should have shared your UAN details with you. Some companies include an employee’s UAN number in the monthly pay slip. If you have not received your UAN number, please reach out to your HR.

Alternatively, you can get your UAN details from EPFO website as well by using the following link and clicking on the link Know Your UAN appearing on the Right-hand side under the heading “Important Links.”

LOP or Loss of Pay Days is a leave taken by an employee when he or she does not have a sufficient leave balance in their account. It means, salary will not be paid for that particular day or days of absence.

The processing of LOP in the payroll process is based on the inputs we receive during the month from your internal HR or Payroll team. Kindly reach out to them or route your concern to us through your concerned HR so that we can take it forward.

We diligently take into account your salary structure and also the salary revision, if any. We process your payroll based on the payroll data we receive from your internal HR or Payroll teams. If you feel that there are discrepancies in the salary, please approach your Unit HR or Payroll team for resolution.


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