IT Infra (SM/Head)

Department: IT
Project Location(s): Bengaluru
Education: Technical or College Degree in Information Technology, Management or related field, with Advanced Networking Certifications.

Job Summary:

Senior Manager – IT Infrastructure will be responsible for the implementation and operations of all technology infrastructures which includes data centre, network and server services, service monitoring, user support / help desk, workstation management, servers, storage and related software. This position shall be operationally responsible for ensuring the availability, integrity, and security for all IT systems and infrastructure. Partnering with all stakeholders, this position will lead the Infrastructure and Operations teams with overall responsibility for technology infrastructure planning and deployment of technology for various projects.

Role Expectations

• Provide thought leadership and manage all decisions and strategic processes that support architecture, design, functionality, scope and long term planning. Shall oversee all technological endeavors and analyze performance metrics.

• Shall remain aware of emerging technology trends and adapt the Company’s tech platforms as needed.

• Partners with CTO to lead the technology infrastructure strategy and execution for the Company.

• Planning, project management and implementation leadership, identifying opportunities for automation, cost savings, and service quality improvement.

• Provides infrastructure services vision, enables innovation and seeks to leverage IT trends that can create business value consistent with the Company’s requirements and expectations.

• Development of enterprise standards and technology architecture and the IT operations governance process.

• Conduct product and vendor evaluations ensuring best in class technologies and partners.

• Works closely with and manage strategic vendor partner relationships.

• Setup and run the Governance with the partners.

• Build strategic relationships for creating value for the organization.

• Participate in the formulation of the company’s enterprise architecture and business system plans; assessing cost and feasibility, and ensuring the plan is aligned with and supports the strategic goals of the business.

• Hands-on technical depth; enables direct oversight; possesses problem-solving; leadership skills; leads and participates in complex infrastructure design and conceptualization implementation; system upgrades and operational troubleshooting.

• Ensures comprehensive disaster recovery architecture and operations, including storage area network and redundant, highly-available server and network architectures.

• Provides Leadership direction for delivery of 24/7 service operations and KPI compliance; meeting the internal and external client SLAs and contractual obligations.

• Establish and maintain regular written and in-person communications with the organization’s executives, decision-makers, stakeholders, department heads, and end users regarding pertinent network activities.

• Manage operational costs; conduct near- and long-term financial forecasts for expanded functionality/user base.

• Test network performance and provide network performance statistics and reports; develop strategies for maintaining network infrastructure.

Experience / Exposure

• Extensive experience required in service provider networks with experience managing teams and with responsibility for completing complex deployment projects within budget and on speciϐic timelines.

• Experience designing and / or troubleshooting network problems and providing superior customer service.

• Experience with popular computer and server operating systems platforms.

• Experience working with network monitoring systems or equivalent experience.

• Detailed understanding of IP addressing, IP routing protocols, Internet technologies and standards, Internet security issues, circuit technologies, communications engineering standards, web and network access technologies, computer ofϐice software suites.

• Networking ability including: Cisco IOS, QOS, ϐirewalls and routers.

• Academic experience with exposure in participating in seminars, conferences, research publications representing the Company


15- 20+ years

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